Thursday, March 17, 2011

BC - Tue, 3/15/11

How many times a day does Griffin personally give Kendall a physical or otherwise provides hands-on or face-to-face medical evaluation/care?

Did you notice the website Liza was on?  The logo for it showed "PPEE!", presumably it's called "YIPPEE!" instead of "YAHOO!

Scott brings home cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven from "Chez Monique".  Is that a name they pulled out of a hat, or a nod to long-time fans?  Daisy Cortlandt, aka Monique JonVille(sp?) formerly owned The Serving Spoon, a small, upscale restaurant/catering business.  It's where everyone in PV used to get their gourmet food and picnic supplies.  Daisy is Nina Cortlandt's mother (Palmer, of course, being Nina's father).

Madison insists (to Ryan) that she's perfectly fine just where she is, living with Scott in the shabby furnished apt.  Given that she just tossed a bunch of hair products, etc., in order to minimize the baby's exposure to chemicals, she might want to consider that that place has probably been bug-bombed to a serious degree.

Robin "not to mention the high probably of lead paint on the walls" Coutellier

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