Friday, March 11, 2011

BC: Tue, 3/8/11

TAN/OT:  I had finished this BC yesterday and was starting to watch Wednesday's show when I found out about the 8.9 earthquake in Japan.  My son and DIL live about 30 miles outside of Tokyo (30 miles closer to the epicenter), so I've been somewhat distracted since then (like staying up until about 8am this morning watching CNN).  They and their house are okay.  There's a mountain between them and any potential tsunami.  My DIL was in Tokyo (6 stories up in an office building) and was lucky enough to share a taxi with 6 co-workers (no trains running), although it took about 4 hours to get home.  My son was ABOUT to go in to Tokyo when it hit.  Thank God he didn't get stranded on a train!  Also thank God for the internet and Facebook.  I wasn't able to reach him by phone, but he responded within about 15 minutes of my plea on FB, so I was saved a night or more of anguish wondering if they were ok, and I was also able to let other connected friends and family members know they were okay.

My heart goes out to those so strongly affected by this historic earthquake and tsunami.

Back to AMC:

Joe and Ruth actually DID show up for the wedding!  Well, it's worth the lame storyline to see THEM! 

I'm also glad to see TPTB bring Cara and Griffin's mother onto the show.  She made a pretty dour debut, but it's obvious she's a strong woman who loves her children very much.  We need more FAMILY in Pine Valley.  Now if only she could convince her daughter to wipe all that glop off of her eyes.

Apparently the PV Transporter is currently located in the Martin living room, because the INS agent took all of 16 seconds to walk out of the Martin living room and into ConFusion.  That may be a record!  Tad and Cara had kissed and been pronounced husband and wife when he stood up, but they hadn't even started to walk down the aisle yet when he walked into Confusion! 

I noticed neither Tad nor Cara said anything in their vows about love.  I'm sure the agent will latch onto THAT.

Robin "they basically promised to trust each other" Coutellier

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