Sunday, March 27, 2011

BC - Thu, 3/24/11

Isn't the bachelor auction about to happen, like "today" at  PVH?  So why is JAR only just now hearing about it from Amanda?  Why is pretty much everyone only just NOW recruiting people?

Griff's a doctor, right?  He knows lots of rich people in PV (like Kendall, for instance).  Why doesn't he just BUY antibiotics to send overseas instead of stealing them from his workplace?  Yeah, I know it would mess with the storyline to do something, oh, I don't know, LOGICAL, but really, this is just plain stupid.  He says he meant to do it with the money Zach was going to give him from the casinos, but now that's in limbo.  WTF?  Just how many antibiotics IS he stealing from PVH?  If he has to wait for the big windfall from the sale of the casinos, that's a SHITLOAD of antibiotics which, generally speaking, are much cheaper than MOST medicines except for the super-antibiotics.  A 10-day supply of Amoxicillan from Walmart (WITHOUT insurance) is around $4.  He must need a forklift to do the swiping from PVH drug cabinets in order for it to be too expensive for him to buy on his own (he must have a credit card or two) or enlist the help of all those rich people. 

It's pretty hypocritical of Griffin to write a blank check to give to Cara to make sure someone other than Kendall bids on him (and wins) at the bachelor auction rather than just buying some antibiotics with it to send overseas.

I'm not buying Ricky with Diana.  Between her harsh, cold attitude and her size (she's kind of an amazon) she's not very feminine, no matter how much makeup or jewelry she wears.  Every time I look at her I wonder if she's a guy in drag.  She also reminds me of Grace Jones and the dominatrix in Zoolander, especially with those wing-like things she likes to wear.  I wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley (or even a well-lit one).  Maybe it's the blunt-cut bangs and all that sneering.

Robin "she scares me" Coutellier

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