Sunday, March 27, 2011

BC - Fri, 3/25/11

How do these bachelor auctions work as far as who pays for the date?  Presumably the bidder does, but the bidder has already paid a hefty sum for charity.  Is the bachelor supposed to pay for it?  If so, how would Scott pay for it given that he and Madison are living (in his words) on freezer-burned chicken, and pasta shells?

Ryan tells JAR he took him off the Oakhaven list as Annie's emergency contact.  What authority did he have to do that?  He's Annie's EX-husband, nothing more.  If anything, there should probably be some sort of conservatorship/guardian situation going on since she doesn't even HAVE anyone close enough to make emergency contact-type decisions on her behalf.  Her father hates her, she's not married anymore and she has no friends other than Amanda, who is only sort of a friend.

Given his suspicions about Ricky, why hasn't Griffin had Ricky investigated?  I can't believe NO ONE in Pine Valley has seen anything along the lines of a church or congregation and they don't have any questions about it.

Does JAR still have the phone numbers for his favorite twins, Candi and Brandi?

Robin "maybe they can help take his mind off of eBabe" Coutellier

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