Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BC - Fri-Mon, 3/4-7/11

Erica's place looks much more fleshed out than before.

Erica to Jack:  "Yes, I know that we've lost our way."  [again]  And I know that I am somewhat responsible for part of that [again] ... for all of that [again]."

I don't like the way Amanda looks today.  Her hair should be loosely wavy or straight, but the tighter wave isn't flattering to her, and the extra heavy black eye makeup makes her look kind of skanky or, at least, not as stunningly beautiful as she usually looks.  Or maybe it's just the makeup that makes me THINK the hair look bad.

It's about TIME someone mentioned that bringing Cara into Tad's life and the girls' lives might endanger them as far as the druglords go!

Hmmm, Opal lives at Tad's house.  Krystal lives in the house she owns with Tad.  Opal and Krystal are throwing a bridal shower for Cara at ConFusion.  Why?  Wouldn't that normally be at someone's house?  Or Krystal's restaurant?  And what a lovely bridal shower it IS for Cara!  Her cold, disapproving mother and two women who REALLY don't like her.  Okay, Jenny and Kathy were there.  Running around.  A bar.

Tad tries to cajole Jesse into not objecting to the marriage.  He says:  "Think about it!  All those years!  You had a ringside seat!" No he didn't.  He was gone for 20 years and everyone thought he was DEAD!

Ricky tells Kendall that he really needs to get back to his church.  Say what?  Since when has he had a church?  Wouldn't Kendall or anyone connected with her be likely to actually show up there if he had one?

Well, I guess they answered the question about Jake and Amanda moving into a house, as opposed to having the apartment remodeled.  It's a nice touch that Jake STILL has that decorative (and I use the term VERY loosely) round whatever-it-is that looks like a satellite dish/giant speaker.  Not that I like it, but at least it's consistent.

Robin "is Catruth appearing "tomorrow" or will she miss her plane?" Coutellier

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