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BC - Tue, 3/22/11

Does everyone in Pine Valley ONLY look at Pine Valley-centric things on the internet?  Does EVERYONE know about EVERY video that "goes viral"?  There are millions of things to see on the internet, yet every time anyone in PV puts anything up, regardless of the site, seemingly everyone in town (except the computer-phobic ones like Caleb) has seen it.  And Liza knows better than to go back to the place where she humiliated herself, yet she goes anyway, and wearing a tight, one-shouldered top, at that.  What time of day is it?  Is that what she wore to work as the DA?  I've made some questionable fashion choices in my working days, but I was a lot younger and I wasn't the DA.

Will Miranda Google her name and find out that she was switched at birth with AJ, JAR was her "father", a woman named after a pig was her "mother", JAR fought giving her up even when he knew she was not his biological child, and he pushed her mother over a balcony (not to mention that she was a product of rape and her mother killed her biological father and her Auntie Kendall stood trial for it)?  Of course, some of those details could get lost in all the links that would come up mentioning Erica Kane, Kendall Hart and Bianca Montgomery and involving the keywords murder, rape, trial, kidnapping, embezzlement, prison, escape, marriage, drug addiction, unabortion, divorce, coma and serial killer, along with assorted everyday keywords such as perfume, eyeliner, supermodel and fashion.

I became curious after writing the above paragraph, so I went to Wikipedia and googled some characters.  Bingo!  There are Wikipedia links for:

Bianca Montgomery
Kendall Hart
Erica Kane
Jackson Montgomery
Travis Montgomery
Adam Chandler
JAR Chandler
AJ Chandler (aka Adam Chandler III)
Babe Carey
Richard Fields
Children Of All My Children
and many more, I'm sure

Reese was building a house in Paris for Bianca before they got married.  Who will get the house in the divorce settlement?

Look, there are Bianca and eBabe in the same scene.  Nope, still can't tell them apart at first glance.  Even their hair color is similar.

There were 8 candles  on AJ and Miranda's birthday cake.  AJ was six last year when he decided he wanted to be called AJ.  So is one of the candles "one to grow on"?  Once again, poor little rich boy AJ has a dismal party consisting of his parents, Miranda and Miranda's mom.  That's it.  So not only does he not have a lot of kids at the party, he has to SHARE the cake and attention with a GIRL!  And vice-versa for Miranda.  Where is Gabrielle?  She IS Miranda's sister, after all.

Erica and Caleb talk about getting a younger celebrity to draw in a younger customer base for Cortlandt Electronics.  Colby comes in bragging about her video blog fanbase and it's practically a done deal.  Cortlandt is a well-established multi-billion dollar corporation.  Can't they afford to get a REAL celebrity? 

Then Erica nudges Caleb to hire Asher to head up the project.  Yeah, because Asher not only knows everything there is to know about computers, but he has lots of management experience (consisting of stalking, corporate espionage, planting viruses, hitting people over the head and being an overall henchman for Cortlandt's arch-enemy).  Plus he has a semi-romantic involvement with their new spokesperson, who is currently a hot mess.  What could possibly go wrong?  (For one thing, I doubt either Colby or Asher even know their own social security numbers, although I suspect Asher knows a lot of OTHER people's social security numbers.)

Well, now we have the answer on the adoption issue -- Reese DID legally adopt both Gabrielle and Miranda, and now she is going for full custody of both children.

Hey, JAR.  Time to give your henchman a raise to keep him on your side.  Oops, too late.  Said henchman has decided that his nefarious workdays are a thing of the past.

Erica one-ups (or one-downs, as the case may be) Liza's one-shoulder top by wearing a one-shoulder, OFF-the-shoulder dress, thus baring both shoulders.  Is it a subliminal display of power between two rivals?

Is Angie going to stay blind?  The strain of childbirth or the surge of hormones might magically fix her eyes.  Hey, it's Pine Valley -- it could happen!  In fact, maybe someone should just bonk her on the head and it will clear it right up, like slapping the side of a TV set in the olden days used to work when the horizontal hold ceased to hold.  She'd never see it coming, after all

Jack pulled some strings and now he and Erica can have that special vacation that she wanted; the one that has been booked for 2 years and they couldn't get previously.  Erica is thrilled.  Something tells me there's a prospective honeymoon couple on their FIRST wedding who is now bitterly disappointed that their own pre-booked dream honeymoon vacation has been scuttled at the last minute.

Robin "well, my goodness I'm wordy today" Coutellier

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