Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BC - Fri, 1/7/11

If the doctor is worried about Kendall's blood pressure, why did Ryan and Greenlee bring Kendall sodium-laden Chinese food?

Why was Scott in the visitation room? He just wanders up to Madison and starts talking to her after her father refuses to see her. And why would Madison get as far as being IN the visitation room if the inmate won't see her -- doesn't that have to be cleared ahead of time? And why aren't there any other prisoners at Statesville in the same room with Scott? And why are all my sentences starting with the word "And"? It's not unusual for me, but I don't usually string them all in the same paragraph.

Oh, Liza, NO! Yeah, she's feeling very isolated and probably horny as hell, but her daughter's heartbroken boyfriend? It's not quite the same as when Marian was seducing Tad (who was Liza's first love and lover), toying with him, and paying him with money and gifts, but the ick factor is still WAY up there.

Why hasn't anyone beaten the crap out of Madison's father on a daily basis if he's talking to all the other inmates like they are worthless and beneath him? That is one pristine, well-ordered, well-behaved, gangless prison.

Wait a minute -- why would Zach's lawyer talk to RYAN about Zach's will and give Kendall's legal papers to him? WTF? The lawyer knows where Kendall is. I really hate the complete disregard for legal privacy and the way the men on the show treat women like children.

When Madison said she might find some guy to pretend he's the baby's father (semi-joking to get Greenlee off her back), how many of you immediately wondered if Tom Cudahey was available? My next thought, just looking at Greenlee's face as she pondered that, was that Scott will, of course, do exactly that, possibly because Greenlee will bribe him with a job or money when he gets out. And looky here, by the end of the episode, where is Greenlee? At the prison offering Scott a job and a beautiful blond.

Robin "you'd think they would at least stretch it out past the same episode" Coutellier

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