Sunday, August 22, 2010

BC - Fri, 8/20/10

Marissa is about to take the bar exam again? Don't you have to wait something like six months in between testing?

Oh, NOW Annie insists that she and Scott find another place to live. She was so hell-bent on living in the Chandler mansion, no matter what (including MURDER, alcoholism, adultery, hatred, family betrayals, death, treachery, constant rage from all sides, and plain old bad manners) and suddenly it's not a good atmosphere because Marissa left?

I don't know why Angie is so sure she's going blind because she caught something from the little boy. On 2/8/08 Angie was remembering when Jesse "died". Something HORRIBLE happened to her eyes when she remembered. Remember this?

Angie has been going blind for over two years now!

Robin "Happy Birthday Jacquie, Mom & Casey!" Coutellier

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