Thursday, August 12, 2010

BC - Mon, 8/9/10

I meant to post this first paragraph last week but it got lost in the shuffle:

Ryan is RICH. If PVH has become so abysmal in its care due to budget cuts, why doesn't he just transfer to a hospital in Center City or Philadelphia or NYC? Yeah, the story needs to take place and be part of whatever impending disaster is surely going to strike DUE to said budget cuts, but it doesn't really make sense realistically. As David is so fond of saying, PVH is a BUSINESS. If PVH is going to do things on the cheap, then the people who can afford to do so will take their business elsewhere.

David is so delusional about his methods. He's basically coming right out and telling Greenlee that she WILL be his Stockholm victim. He's not even pretending he's not trying to brainwash her.

So the beach cottage is LESS than 10 minutes from the Chandler mansion? More like 3 minutes? It takes me longer than that for me to get from my room, down the stairs, through the garage, open the gate, maneuver my car out, close the gate, buckle up and leave the driveway!

Wow, it's KENDALL!

Robin "I wasn't expecting THAT" Coutellier

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