Wednesday, August 4, 2010

BC - Tue, 8/3/10

I have to say it WAS refreshing when Greenlee incredulously asked David if he thought that giving her the expensive necklace was supposed to make her feel better about their marriage, considering he was BLACKMAILING her to stay married. David: "No, it's supposed to make ME feel better." At LAST, a man on a soap is honest about the REAL intentions behind gifts of jewelry, etc. Of course, that's pretty small potatoes considering all the things he's NOT honest about.

It's pretty glaring that scenes are shot out of order when one minute Greenlee is so hoarse she can barely talk, then she's fine, then she's back to being hoarse again, and then she's fine again.

Why did Angie go to the park for some fresh air when she KNOWS she could lose her vision at any moment? How was she planning to navigate the park, let alone get back to the hospital, without her eyesight? She could end up in the pond, turning her ankle off the path, stepping in front of a zooming bicyclist, etc. She could step on a baby DUCK! Or, worse, she could step on a grown-up GOOSE.

It was pretty hard to keep a straight face as Angie went on and on to Mayor Blanco about how Jesse is the best damn police chief PV has ever seen. He's the most CORRUPT police chief PV has ever seen! He breaks laws and lets things slide right and left for himself, his family and his friends. He's probably WAAAAY more corrupt than Mayor Blanco. Ok, I didn't even TRY to keep a straight face.

I liked being able to hear Greenlee's thoughts. I liked how she looked at David as she vowed, in her mind, to finally get him right where she wants him, and how he'll never see it coming. OTOH, I would think David would see that that was what she was thinking, even without the ability to hear her thoughts.

Robin "I'm fine. You just go to sleep now, baby ..." Coutellier

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