Sunday, August 1, 2010

BC - Wed, 7/28/10

Have Jamie Luner's eyebrows always been like that or am I just now noticing them? During a closeup when Liza was getting into it with Tad, eyes narrowed, the eyebrows were fat and rounded at one end and tapered off to a point at the other. They look like a couple of sperm facing each other.

I have to grin every time I see that dress Greenlee is wearing. She's very tiny and can pull it off, but even so ... there are large, vaguely flesh-colored, frilly roses plastered all over the hips. Each time they show it from the back it looks like she has large, frilly ass-cheeks, and the one at the bottom center is downright DISTURBING.

Robin "does this dress make my ass look like giant, frilly cabbage roses?" Coutellier

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