Thursday, August 12, 2010

BC - Wed, 8/11/10

We all know that David has a marked inability to feel love in any healthy kind of way. Watching him now just makes my skin crawl. Seeing how Greenlee goes along with him, for the most part, for HER really puts a punctuation mark on it. She's acting like a captive who is trying to placate her captor in order to buy time, no matter HOW crazy he is or how ridiculous his expectations of her feelings are. She's also being somewhat robotic. It reminds me of cases where someone gets obsessed with someone and thinks their every move or word or eye movement is a secret message that is SHARED between them. If that delusion is threatened, the obsessive person will resort to violence in order to maintain it at all costs.

David's not doing this to be mean (that we know of). He really seems to be doing it because he thinks he loves her and wants her to love him back at least as far as she did before he dropped the bomb on her. If she won't do it willingly, he'll MAKE her do it and she'll thank him for it later. This is NOT going to end well for David. I don't know if he'll be murdered (and then DI comes back as an identical relative), have a brain disorder, or be sent to Oakhaven for a while, but they CANNOT redeem him from this without something major. Female fans will NOT stand for it unless he pays and pays BIG. Domestic psychological abuse is something that a significant number of us have had to deal with and we


The writers might do well to keep that in mind.

So eBabe and Scott had grief sex (over the demise of their relationships).

Robin "NOW eBabe will find out she is pregnant" Coutellier

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