Monday, August 2, 2010

BC - Thu-Fri, 7/29-30/10

Who's watching Trevor while Amanda goes out to Krystal's to drown her sorrows because Jake left her high and not-so-dry?

If Colby is so anxious to see her father in San Francisco, a) why are she and Damon going to DRIVE there, and b) why are they going to stop and see touristy things along the way? How about fly out there and rent a car to drive back?

JAR tells Marissa he feels bad about not helping her study for her bar exam "until the last minute". Uh, no, Jackass, you blew THAT one, too.

I'm getting more than a little tired of the blatant product-placement of Erica's Twitter account and website, the addresses of which they manage to squeeze into dialogue over and over again. I haven't gone to either, but I'm sure they are there and there's probably stuff for sale and/or advertising of some type. I don't LIKE being taken out of the story like that.

I thought Bianca agreed to keep the children away from Caleb in their own separate wing. She's not doing a very good job of it. Speaking of Caleb. How difficult is it to match a green connector to a green slot? Yeah, it might be a pain in the ass to get it oriented correctly, especially if you can't see it (which I DO buy if you can't see the green part on the back panel) but they should have chosen something a little less mandatory for him to try to plug into the computer, like a USB cable to a printer, rather than cables going to the mouse (green) and keyboard (purple). Did I miss something? Did he have TWO computers there, because Miranda and Bianca were using it just fine, apparently without the aforementioned cables.

Soooo, how long will it be before either Miranda or Gabrielle get kidnapped and/or deathly ill? A fall off a horse, perhaps? A tumble into the multiple unplugged holes on the Wildwind grounds? A splash into the ce-ment pond? Visits from ghosts of Wildwind family dinners past? Corvina showing up on the doorstep shrieking about leopard statues and self-serving shrews? (okay those last two are for long-time AMC watchers )

Annie tries to convince eBabe and JAR that she truly, TRULY wishes them both happiness. eBabe: "The same happiness we had BEFORE you slept with my husband?" Except I didn't hear the word "slept". I listened to it four times and every single time I heard her say "BEFORE you "f**ked" with my husband?" I DO have a bad speaker connected to the TV, but even so ... I kind of like the way I heard it better than the scripted line

WTH? JAR sees all the seething anger and distrust his disillusioned wife has toward Annie and how Annie keeps making things worse, but he, once AGAIN, follows Annie out like a puppy dog when he sees her leave. Oh yeah, he's committed to his relationship with eBabe.

Robin "it's about damn TIME Angie told Jesse she can't see!" Coutellier

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