Thursday, July 29, 2010

BC - Tue, 7/27/10

There is speculation that David is being set up to be murdered. Eh. We've been speculating that for YEARS.

I think David has done WAY more despicable things than this. Yeah, he's setting up Greenlee to go to jail for a VERY long time if she doesn't stay with him, but that's kind of small potatoes compared to keeping Maria from everyone who knew her for YEARS (he never WOULD have told her the truth), drugging an entire boatload of people, drugging Adam to the point of near death just so he could be a hero and "save" him, trying to kill Adam with a gun, etc., etc. The list of David's sins is VERY long.

That said, it was definitely surprising that he set Greenlee up from the very beginning of their marriage, or at least the very beginning of the whole airplane/framing Erica situation. Then again, it IS David we're talking about.

It's certainly unexpected, though. I sure didn't see it coming. There truly IS no redeeming this asshole. I don't like Greenlee, but she doesn't deserve this. Aside from marrying the jerk just to spite Ryan and for emotional security (locking her heart away), she's actually been relatively mature since her return. Of course, that may just be the Botox talking, but she hasn't been the super-schemer she used to be. She's been pretty dull, IOW.

The issue here was that she TRUSTED him not to hurt her. Their entire relationship is based on that trust that goes way back. She saw him as a big brother through her marriage to Leo, and she let herself think that she loved him after they got married, although it was not a passionate love. She knew he kept doing nasty things, but for the most part, he was doing a lot of it FOR her and WITH her (taking over the hospital, for instance), so that made it more palatable and she enjoyed a lot of it. She certainly benefited from a lot of it.

And now she's a bird in a cage. Given David's access to surgical instruments, his surgical skill, etc., Greenlee must be having visions of Boxing Helena at this point. With good reason. You'd think David would just drug her all the time, though; that IS his forte', after all. This way, though, she is a "willing" wife, Ryan can't rescue her and she can still pretend to have a marriage to anyone who might question it. She could kill him, of course, or hire someone to do it, but I'm sure he has other safeguards in place to keep that from happening.

Robin "the Green Butterfly has been pinned" Coutellier

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