Sunday, July 4, 2010

BC - Wed, 6/30/10

Marissa wants to go shopping. Is she going to slut herself up? Wow, while I was typing that question, Marissa tells Krystal that Annie told her that she wasn't sexy enough to hold onto JAR, so she wants Krystal to help her shop for sexier clothes. Well, if she wants to slut herself up, Krystal WOULD be the go to person for it.

Oh PUH-LEEZE! You can't just padlock someone out of their home on a whim, even if it IS in someone's will. You can EVICT them, but unless there's some crime taking place, it would be illegal to abruptly padlock people out of their home while they are elsewhere. You ESPECIALLY cannot, without any notice whatsoever, padlock someone out of their abode for the purpose of moving someone else IN. What about all their stuff? They'll "send" it to them? That means strangers and others are going to go through their very private belongings and not giving them access to so much as their own toothbrush. What about prescription medications that might be there? What about a safe?

This is utterly LUDICROUS!

Oh, and David has been lying about Wildwind -- I distinctly remember him saying that he BOUGHT Wildwind.

Wildwind isn't THAT bad for Caleb. They DO have lots of grounds to ride horses on, etc., and space between Wildwind and other abodes. There's also an abandoned well that's been boarded up and unboarded again for no apparent reason. There are acres of forest on the Wildwind estate. Of course, there's really no such thing as space in PV, where anyone at all can walk right past armed guards for the sole purpose of just walking onto into rich people's houses, unannounced, and taunting them.

Robin "maybe he can live in Lily's treehouse" Coutellier

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