Thursday, July 1, 2010

BC - Tue, 6/19/10

On Monday Angie fretted about her impending blindness as she cuddled a sleeping Jesse's arm after they made love. All I could think of was how close her presumably infected and contagious eyes were to his skin. Then I thought about how close her eyes had probably been to other parts of his body. I can just hear Jesse now: "OMG, I've got contagious fungal endophthalmitis dickitis with an added trace of some sort of ocular involvement!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! How the hell did I get THAT??? It's only GOT one eye, you know!" Angie: "Oops."

Is that a giant diaper pin holding Krystal's dress together? For you young'uns, a "diaper pin" is a quaint term to describe what was basically an extremely large safety pin that was used in the olden days to hold CLOTH diapers together. And yes, we DID sometimes inadvertently stick the poor little babies with the pins (along with ourselves). Ah, the good old days.

Annie's mourning "hat" with the spotted veil was HILARIOUS! Big black spots on her face kind of suit her -- it makes her look like she has malignant moles. Did she already HAVE that strappy veil holder/hat? If not, where did she get it on such short notice? Do they sell them in the lobby at the Pine Valley Mortuary?

Why do Scott, JAR and Annie keep talking about The Nanotech Project? Most projects that are still in development have a code name, sometimes with a sly reference to what the product actually is. I once worked on a project called Harem. It had to do with a Unix operating system in the 1980s. It was called Harem because "you'll always find eunichs in harems". Okay, so it was nerd humor -- maybe you actually had to be there So what should the code name for the Chandler nanotech project be? We could call it Mork since Mork was always saying "Nanoo, nanoo!" Or possibly Orson. Or, in keeping with the spirit of the project: hot stuff or booty since it's basically stolen goods or perhaps some sort of up-yours reference to Steve Jobs (actually the booty reference would also work if you've ever seen the TV movie Pirates of Silicon Valley. Any suggestions?

TAN/OT: One of my favorite, but old nerdy jokes was someone saying that he likes to name at least one computer/server elvis, because then if he used the command "ping elvis", it would come back and say "elvis is alive" [IMG][/IMG]

Krystal has a new restaurant now -- why is she still working for Jack?

That's an amazingly flimsy memorial to Palmer! What's it made out of, potato chips?

Why would they have a reading of a will at a yacht club outdoor restaurant? Don't the other yacht club members ever get tired of the same snobby, self-entitled people taking over the place on a pretty much daily basis?

If this is the newest version of the will that Jack hasn't even read yet, then why were Nina, Lanie, Bobby, Ross, etc., already taken care of? For all he knew, Palmer wrote them out of it in the Pigeon Hollow version. And shouldn't Adam be there? You'd think Palmer would leave something extra special in his will for Adam, like a sailboat paperweight ( a long time ago Palmer caressed and admired a sailboat figurine or paperweight as he taunted Adam while Adam was lying helpless on the floor of the boathouse after suffering a stroke).

JAR left the will reading while it was still going on, but after his own part was read. How RUDE!

How is it that neither Scott nor JAR knew of who or what owned HALF the stock in Chandler Enterprises all this time or that there even WAS this giant block of stocks? How could Palmer own HALF of it? There's never been any clue that Palmer did that, and Adam has ALWAYS had controlling interest. If Adam had only HALF interest in the company, a) someone would have had to represent the other half, and b) who were all those OTHER mysterious stockholders to whom they always had to answer? Talk about creative accounting!

If Palmer had all those shares of Chandler, why didn't he cash them in when he lost his own fortune, or, better yet, go into THAT business and continue to make Adam's life hell while making money, too?

Well, now we know Caleb's connection to PV -- he's Palmer's nephew. Why didn't the West Virginia relatives (i.e., Dixie, Will, Lanie, Di or even Del) know about him? We knew he had to have (or, in this case, WOULD have) money one way or another to even the playing field in PV. Caleb had better keep a chastity belt over his kidneys at all times lest he wake up in the morning in a bathtub full of ice and Del's fingerprints all over the place.

Robin "maybe NOW Krystal will get laid before the end of the year" Coutellier

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