Thursday, July 22, 2010

BC - Mon-Tue, 7/19-20/10

Why would home services show up to inspect a home at NIGHT for a routine adoption check? And it IS night, in July and it's been dark for a while now, which means it's probably after 9pm (and Trevor should be in bed, not playing with the toddler 4 floors down). Do they really do surprise visits at NIGHT? If Damon really WERE 9 years old, he'd probably be in bed and the social worker would be disrupting their routine.

As I mentioned previously, Trevor has been reverse SORAS'd. Although he should be about 13 months old, there's no way the baby portraying him is walking yet although Amanda made it sound like he was.

Okay, Damon is all scattered, almost stood her up and he's not dressed for a party, but Colby has been bitchy and emotionally demanding to him for a while now. This couple is DOOMED.

If the social worker JUST left the house after her surprise night inspection, how did the adoption papers magically arrive? Wouldn't she have to do some paperwork and have the papers filed with the court, etc.? Apparently not in Pine Valley! She must have filled them out and put the Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania Seal on it in her car at the curb, called an all-night messenger service, had them come to the car in front Tad's house and then deliver the papers to him (even though they probably weren't even COPIED unless she also has a copier in her car plugged into the cigarette lighter). Lame, lame, lame.

How often does Damon have to take those pills? Didn't Liza take his pills away earlier the same evening? Does Damon have to take them every couple of hours or he goes off the rails? Liza is still wearing the same clothes and even the same bracelet (and you know soap divas never wear the same outfit twice), but Colby is talking like Damon's been behaving erratically over the course of at least several days if not longer. I HATE it when they timewarp everything! It gives me a headache.

Damon KNOWS he's supposed to be taking his pills, so if it's been more than just a couple of hours that they've been missing, he knows enough to try to get them replaced, even if he IS being scattered right now.

Jamie Luner is fabulous shape, but the wardrobe dept should really consider putting her back into more Liza-like clothes (i.e., not sprayed on). All those tight skirts in profile aren't as flattering is they might be on someone a little younger.

Is Liza carrying Damon's pills around in her purse? If so, not only would it be easy for Tad to find them inadvertently, but they'd be rattling around every time she moved her purse.

JAR tells Colby that eBabe, AJ and Colby are his FAMILY and they will ALWAYS come FIRST with him. BULLSHIT! The only thing that comes first with him is his dick. I can't believe he said that right after Colby catches him making out with Annie. Way to put your family first, ASSHOLE!

Robin "JAR and Annie make me sick" Coutellier

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