Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BC - Wed-Fri, 7/14-16/10

Why did Ryan walk away from a falling-down-drunk Greenlee to make a quick phone call? He HAS a cellphone.

Tidbit: Frankie and Randi live in apartment 2G.

Angie said: "Nothing makes me happier than making meals for my menszez." Except the closed-captioning said "menses". I guess there really isn't a way to spell men-zez, considering it's not really a word.

Damn, Bianca must have developed teleporting powers when she was back in France. Between her weekend roundtrip jaunts to Paris and her lightning fast response to Erica's request that she deliver a message to Caleb, I'm surprised she isn't causing sonic booms. Not that PV didn't ALREADY have a transporter, but Bianca seems to have improved the technology.

Pine Valley is a "small town". How does its numbered streets go anywhere near have 54 of them?

How was Madison able to open Ryan's hotel room door so that she could burst in on him and Greenlee? Her posture made it obvious she did NOT use a key, and they've already demonstrated that they need problematic keycards to get in.

Why doesn't JAR just come out and tell Annie and/or Scott WHY this special client needs "special handling"? It was only at the yacht club that he even TRIED.

Obviously the client hasn't done any homework on Annie and HER talents -- the batshit-crazy homicidal ones, I mean.

JAR bursts into the client's room to rescue Annie. He strikes the time-tested pose of all soap heroes who burst into a room to save someone -- and he makes sure we get a good look at his heroic pose, rather than actually rescuing Annie immediately.

Robin "It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a ... oh, it's JAR" Coutellier

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