Sunday, July 18, 2010

BC - Tue, 7/13/10

Greenlee says she has to go pick up some artwork from the shop before it closes. Doesn't she have flunkies-- er, employees to do that?

Given the revolving door of women who get involved with her daddy on a continuous basis, you'd think that, at this point, Emma would be standoffish, if not downright HOSTILE to Madison. Every time another woman comes into her father's life, chaos ensues, her mother goes even further batshit crazy, and the flavor-of-the-week disappears.

What's with the sudden terror talk? Bianca's name gets put on a no-fly list (okay, so they can keep her here longer, but sheesh, she just flew to Paris and back the DAY before (2 days, MAX)). Then she and Jack casually throw around the word "Guantanamo". WTF? Why would they DO that?

Ryan tells David he has better things to do with his time than to eavesdrop on David's calls. Then what is he doing in the park? Doesn't he have better things to do with his time than go for a stroll in the park?

When David told Ryan "I'm sure you'll be there to comfort Greenlee in the end," was I the only one who wondered about which of her "ends" he would be comforting first?

Did you notice the waitress in the background at Krystal's just before Greenlee became falling-down drunk? She was making the most of her walk-on part, twisting back and forth while holding a menu (or possibly the bill), then dipping down dramatically to place it on the table as if it were a big birthday cake, and then doing a cute pose before departing. She and her friends probably had a party to watch the episode so they could all applaud her performance and drink to it

Robin "It was kind of cute!" Coutellier

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