Thursday, July 15, 2010

BC - Fri, 7/9/10

I know it's totally Erica, but I REALLY think Jack and Erica should slink off to Las Vegas or wherever they can to just quietly get married again. Not only is this wedding #11, but it's to the same guy she married the last time, so what's the point of a big reception? Not that they'll actually GET married this time.

It was supposed to be funny when Caleb sniffed his shoes, but I couldn't help but think he was wondering if they might smell odd because they smelled so NEW, not because he had stinky feet, the shoes were moldy or he had stepped in dogshit.

Have you noticed that AMC now deems it acceptable to use the word "piss" and "pissed"? That used to be a taboo word on AMC.

Liza'a being a total BITCH to Caleb! Not that he's amiable in ANY way, but she should keep in mind that she and Tad are the ones who showed up on Caleb's doorstep unannounced. They are intruding on HIS privacy and he doesn't know them. I wouldn't want to talk to Liza, either, and I sure as hell wouldn't invite her in. Of course, given her intense animosity toward him, she'll probably end up in a love triangle with him and Krystal.

WTH is wrong with Liza and Tad that they are incapable of having (or at least attempting to have) sex in the privacy of a bedroom? Two little girls, Tad's mother, Tad's ex-wife and now his grown son all live in that house, yet he and Liza INSIST on disrobing, making out and attempting to have sex in the living room over and over again, no matter how many times they get interrupted there. Idiots.

Caleb shoos out all of Krystal's customers at the restaurant, telling them that there's a gas leak. The people all get up and quietly leave without a word or even any expressions on their faces as Krystal yells at him for doing it. WTF? What are they, Stepford patrons?

Robin "why doesn't Caleb have an accent?" Coutellier

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