Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BC - Tue, 7/6/10

Why doesn't AMC have an audio library of babies/children crying that are appropriate to the ages of said babies/children? That always bugs me when they get it wrong. Today was one of the worst misfires. Jenny was upstairs and started to cry, so Opal left Liza in the entryway to go to Jenny. That "cry" sounded like it was coming from a 1-month-old! Jenny is over THREE years old now! I just googled Colby having to help deliver her and discovered Jenny was born in early April 2007.

When JAR was telling eBabe about the cottage that Uncle Palmer had left him, it sounded like he said that Al Capone had left him the cottage

Erica gushes over Bianca being back so soon from Paris. I didn't realize she had LEFT. I vaguely remember her saying something about getting back to the girls, but this is ridiculous.

If Kendall isn't up to running her company and can't even be bothered to KNOW about ANYTHING having to do with it, then why doesn't she just shit or get off the pot? Sell it and move on!

Annie tells JAR that the sooner she is not his drug of choice, the better it will be for both of them. She's right up in his face as she says it, though.

That's a pretty ineffective security alarm if Caleb can make it stop simply by hitting the wall three times.

Erica to Caleb: "Oh, go back and eat your damn squirrel, then."

Robin "will AJ drown while JAR drools and dallies?" Coutellier

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