Saturday, July 10, 2010

BC - Wed, 7/7/10

Ah, NOW I see why Erica had bedhead. She went to Caleb's with the express intention of visually seducing him into getting his (hopefully) undivided attention and cooperating with her. She's also tried to get him drunk. Ah, she has papers for him to sign. This is vintage Erica.

Michael Nouri (Caleb) has surprisingly few wrinkles for someone who is going on 65 years old. Susan Lucci isn't the only one with some reconstruction going on. His lack of wrinkles is also what clangs with me as far as his character goes. They are portraying him as a hardcore mountain man, but not only his his cabin ridiculously clean and new looking, but so is HE. It's a hard life and it tends makes people look OLDER than other people of the same age, not younger. I guarantee you that Caleb is NEVER without three essential things in his pockets, even if a plane DOES fall on his house:
  • An all-in-one tool (you know, the kind with cutting tools, screwdrivers, can openers, etc., all in one compact, fold-up utility)
  • Sunscreen
  • Moisturizer and LOTS of it
Not necessarily in that order. It WAS pretty rough for Caleb to sleep out under the stars, considering it meant being without his ENTIRE Clinique For Men collection.

I thought AJ went WITH JAR, even though eBabe was going to stay home to study. Apparently not. Why didn't JAR do a favor for his wife and take the kid out of her hair while she crammed for the bar exam? When I made the earlier comment about AJ drowning while JAR drooled and dallied, I said it in the frame of context that AJ was already on the beach and JAR was going to join him when Annie showed up.

I like the little kid playing AJ better than the original one. That's probably mostly because the new one looks a LOT like my own son when he was little Well that and the previous kid always made me think of a face you might see on a poster for the H____r Youth campaign. Just the way he looked, not anything he said or did. I'm sure he's a very sweet little boy.

Madison works for Ryan -- did he really NOT have her in his contacts already, and vice-versa? Not that anyone in PV NEEDS speed-dial -- No one ever had to look up a number or dial all 7 digits even back when they did rotary dialing, although I DO remember one time where someone actually DID dial all 7 numbers. I think it might have been in the 1990s. Of course, that one shining bit of realism was vastly negated by the fact that everyone had faux-wood-paneled answering machines from the 1970s up until just a few years ago. Really, I think they were still using them as recently as 2005, and that was at WORK! Every now and Erica would use voicemail at Enchantment, but then she'd turn around and use a vintage answering machine again. To be fair, answering machines are MUCH better soap plot devices for eavesdropping and accidental recording purposes.

Annie talks about being destitute and on the run with Emma while hiding from her first husband. She says they were in San Francisco and were kicked out of the shelters eventually, so she broke into a cottage ON THE WHARF to keep off the streets. On the WHARF? Oh PUH-LEEZE! The wharf doesn't have "cottages". It's a W-H-A-R-F in a major city, not Cape Cod. It has docks, warehouses, a plethora of tourist shops and (until recently) loud, aggressive and stinky sea lions.

Erica forgot to take her shawl when she left Wildwind.

Robin "will Caleb pick it up and sniff it?" Coutellier

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