Sunday, July 4, 2010

BC - Thu, 7/02/10

When Madison said she was distracted by a squirrel, how many of you looked around to see if Greenlee was nearby?

I thought it was funny when Tad told Damon that there was a reason they made it (it being the phone) cordless. It occurred to me that Damon has never lived in a world where a CORDED phone was the norm. The most old-fashioned phone he has probably ever seen in a home was probably big clunky cordless receivers with antennae that you had to pull out when you were on the phone. Cell phones, while not as prevalent as they are now, were becoming much more mainstream by the time he was 7-years old. I feel old.

Why didn't Amanda and Jake bring Trevor over to Tad's? You'd think that would be their first stop on the way back from New York.

Amanda tells Damon that she can't believe that Liza would stoop that low to try to seduce Damon (or at least set it up to look like they were having sex) so that Colby would find out and break up with him. Hello? Liza is the one who BLACKMAILED you guys (or at least Jake) into giving HER your baby when you gave him away, and faked a pregnancy. Uh, yeah, it's VERY believable that she would stoop that low.

Ryan said he was playing hooky so he could go running in the park because he couldn't let a day like "today" go to waste. Yeah, running in 100 degree heat and high humidity is MY idea of a perfect day -- NOT!

Gee, what are the odds Greenlee and David will stroll into a scene with Madison and Ryan in the park? Oh look there they are NOW!

Those were really large letters on Damon's cellphone. Wouldn't his buddies call him an old man if they saw letters that large? My cheapo Virgin Mobile phone has a pretty small display and I WISH I could get large letters on it, but then, I *AM* an old lady now. I hold things away from me to read, but I've pretty much run out of (short) arm. Hmmm, that's a question for you tall ones out there who are over 40: Do you get to go longer before HAVING to resort to reading glasses to read things, simply because your arms are longer?

When Greenlee and David work on building a house, will she have any flashbacks to Aidan building a house for her? Whatever happened with that? I know she was unhappy that he did it without consulting her, but as I recall, the building DID start on it. Maybe it was sold.

If Erica is going to take over Cortlandt Electronics (along with Caleb), will posters for electronics suddenly come out with alluring photos of Erica EVERYWHERE? Are they going to make pink and/or scented computers?

Robin "something tells me she doesn't know how to market to the nerd crowd" Coutellier

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