Monday, July 26, 2010

BC - Wed, 7/21/10

Scott and Annie went all night and well into the next morning without him answering her about getting married? I find it hard to believe that Annie was willing to wait that long. Actually, I find it hard to believe that ANYONE would wait that long without at least DISCUSSING why they were waiting to answer.

I also find it hard to believe that eBabe didn't realize that it was morning and she had been up studying all night (apparently everyone in the house was up all night for one reason or another). Is she that oblivious to AJ?

Wait a second -- it's theoretically morning in PV -- so why is everyone gathered for a party (with cake) for Damon when they should be thinking about breakfast? IS it morning? Is it in the evening of the next day and neither Scott nor JAR was home all night or all of the day? What the hell TIME is it? Okay, FINALLY Damon mentions that it's lunchtime. So that means eBabe still hasn't checked on AJ since the night before. And since there was no peep from them and everyone else, including Krystal, left the house, Kathy and Jenny were apparently not even invited to the Welcome-To-The-Family party for Damon. Nor was Opal. If I were Damon, I'd consider blowing off the lame-ass party, too.

Scott gets a ring and proposes to Annie at the yacht club in front of JAR and eBabe and, at the last moment, Colby. Scott says doing it in front of family makes it even MORE special. WTF? The Chandler family is TOXIC! Would YOU want family members like them around when you proposed to someone, even if you knew what the answer would be? JAR, especially, is likely to sneer and say something really nasty to ruin the moment. At least eBabe has a touch of class, even though she's probably pricing guns and/or divorce lawyers at this point.

As part of his proposal, Scott tells Annie that she's all fight and fire and that when she wants something, NOTHING stands in her way. Uh, YEAH, she kidnaps, stabs and MURDERS people (that's PLURAL persons) that get in her way. I'd hardly call that an ADMIRABLE trait. All things considered, Scott looked like a total imbecile (to me) proposing to her with his face all glowing with love and sincerity. I think I'm going to HURL!

Liza is clearly obsessed about how Tad hurt her by having sex with her mother when Liza was a teenager. It keeps coming up between them. She is NEVER going to let that go, so why is Tad staying with her? If she can't get past that, then their marriage is going to be miserable. Well, given how much of a stone cold bitch Liza is and how Sanctimartinous (tm) Tad can be, not to mention the fact that they live in Pine Valley, it will be miserable in any case.

Okay, so now the adoption papers were signed "weeks ago" (when Damon kissed Liza) as opposed to "last night". I think AMC is on the wrong channel -- it should be on a science fiction channel.

Robin "Pine Valley, PA, where there IS no space-time continuum" Coutellier

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