Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BC - Thu, 7/8/10

NOTE: I'm just now picking up where I left off on Sunday with this episode. Sorry about that! Some of my observations/questions have probably been answered, but I don't know about it yet.

Is Erica launching her new perfume in Italy before she launches it in the U.S.? That's the only reason I can think of to send Amanda there when she hasn't done anything so far but photo shoots in [snort] the Fusion office.

Angie still hasn't told anyone but Jake about her intermittent blindness. Does that mean she's still driving?

I KNOW I'm not the only one who thought of Erica and the word "Grandmother" when Frankie said something to Madison about the dreaded "g-word" (Greenlee) not coming up

Angie tells Jake that her vision disappeared, but came back after she banged her leg into a table. Where THERE is her solution! She just needs to keep a hammer handy and whack herself with it whenever she feels her vision start to blur. She could wear it around her neck like a stethoscope. In lieu of that, I'm sure David would be willing to smack her anytime she asks.

Oh, Angie IS taking meds? It's about TIME they let us in on that little tidbit.

Amanda says she's going to pass on the Italy shoot if Jake can't go with her. Doesn't she have a contract that REQUIRES her to go? Contract? Oh, they didn't REALLY mean it. I mean, going to the zoo with her husband and baby is MUCH more important than the thousands of dollars it's going to cost the company for her to back out of it NOW. I thought she has already been identified as THE model/face of the company, at least for Erica's glamor side of things. The web is all atwitter about it (Twitter, too). She has a fanbase. She's already been announced and touted in the press. She acts like it's a vacation instead of a working, contractual obligation. Italy-schmitaly, my ASS! I hope Fusion takes her to court over it.

Why is Madison buck nekkid in the Hubbard living room? Yeah, I know it was so Frankie could catch her, but how stupid was THAT? Talk about making yourself at home!

Randi's top is nice, but that bolero/jacket/jacklette/whatever-the-hell it's called is BUTT UGLY! Whoever decided that it would be a good look should be FIRED!

How long was Jesse in WV that days would go by without him telling her he loved her? He and Bianca must have been in the same time warp. And, like Bianca, I don't remember him even leaving. And being in another state is hardly an excuse -- he DOES have a cellphone, after all.

So now they're going to send Randi to Milan instead of Amanda? Excuse me? Haven't we been down this road before? Randi was a H-O-O-K-E-R. There are videos of her having sex out on the internet. She WAS going to be the face of Fusion, but they had to scrap that campaign when the videos surfaced. Nope, looks like they've ALL -- including Randi -- completely forgotten about it.

Madison and Frankie have an mutual admiration fest. I had to LOL when Frankie told Madison that Ryan was a lucky guy and he just didn't know it yet. Uh, Madison MURDERED her husband and was a gambling addict, alcoholic (they seem to have completely dropped those two storylines) and blackmailer. Yeah, Ryan is a lucky, lucky guy! Not that Ryan is a prize. I wouldn't blame Madison for murdering husband #2 if said husband turned out to be Ryan.

I'm curious -- who's the blond child in the photo behind Jake and Amanda's couch? The child is too old to be Trevor. It looks more like AJ.

Robin "late to the party" Coutellier

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