Thursday, July 29, 2010

BC - Mon-7/26/10

Tad asks Jesse if he thinks Liza would lie about something like THAT (Damon kissing her). Uh, Jesse might not be the most unbiased person to ask that question, considering that Liza accused him of trying to rape her (or actually raping her?) way back in the day. Uh, yeah, she WOULD lie about something like that.

How did Colby's dress manage to survive the trip to NYC completely unwrinkled from the moment she whipped it out of her suitcase? It must be one of those Harry Potteresque suitcases where it looks like a suitcase on the outside, but on the inside there is actually an entire closet with hangers, shelves, shoe compartments, valets and tea-towel-clad house elves laboring over little tiny steam irons.

Well it's about TIME they let us in on the fact that Liza has been replacing Damon's pills with something else. I couldn't figure out how it was that Damon could not notice that the pills were GONE. At least she's giving him placebos and not some other drug. Then again, since she's getting them from David, God KNOWS what they might contain.

Colby and Damon have already been in one car accident -- hasn't it ever occurred to Liza that Damon's impulsivity could cause any number of bad situations to be inflicted upon her daughter? Apparently not.

Oh PLEASE! That is SO not a month's supply of pills David gave to Liza. If they were LITTLE pills that might be the case, but those are pretty good-sized pills and they don't take up much space in the bottle. How hard would it have been for them to fill it up to a believable volume?

Why is Tad so high and mighty about Damon and Colby being in a hotel room in NYC in a state of undress? They ARE both adults, after all. Yeah, they shouldn't have taken off without telling anyone, but showing up at the door is sooooo tacky! Oh well, at least, for once, people didn't just burst into what would normally be an automatically locked door, although I'm sure they WOULD do that, rather than knocking, if it were not unlocked.

Ah, Tad is pissed off that Damon kissed Liza. Really? THAT is why they drove to New York to break up the young lovers? They had to interrupt the kids in BED for that? Damon had to be dragged out shirtless for THAT? Don't these people have ANY dignity at ALL?

Why is ANYONE allowed to see Ryan if he just got out of surgery after having a brain aneurysm operated on? He should be in ICU or, at the VERY least, have his visitors controlled. David should not be allowed ANYWHERE near him. Neither should Greenlee, for that matter. Even Madison is questionable. ALL of these people could stress Ryan out.

I LOVED how Tad glared at Liza and the way he showed her the photos on the phone.

Did the Joe and Ruth sell their house? I'm surprise David didn't snap it up just to spite Tad and Jake. It would be too tacky (in his view) to live in for long, but you would think he would buy it just to deface it and then tear it down because he's just THAT petty.

I was glad to see Ryan wince after yelling (good naturedly) after Madison. Just before he winced I was thinking that must hurt to yell like that in his condition.

Robin "Let me just test your reflexes, Ryan--oops! Was that your head I hit with the hammer? I meant to bonk the knee. My bad." Coutellier

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