Sunday, July 18, 2010

BC - Mon, 7/12/10

OT/TAN: Have you seen the new tampon commercial that ends with the tagline "same great protection, only cuter!" ROTFLMAO!!! Isn't that like saying "like a regular-sized medicated hemorrhoidal wipe, only cuter!"

Why is eBabe at Krystal's looking for coffee after JAR dismissed her from the room while he, Annie and Scott were meeting with Caleb in the living room? She's supposed to be making a fort with AJ. Speaking of that, I kept trying to spin it that he wanted AJ out of the room, and he probably did, but his dismissal of eBabe was VERY condescending and downright belittling of her in my point of view. Then again, I suppose my continuing to call her eBabe instead of Marissa is condescending and downright belittling of her, too. But come on -- it's a CLASSIC nickname since she's Babe's sister and her mother split up the twins and sold her when she was a baby (keeping the glittery one), and she came onto the show after Babe died, like some sort of consolation prize.

I hope Erica is using a lot of Fusion sunscreen, because she is spending a hell of a lot of time in that park. And why does Caleb go there when he has acres of woodland to roam upon in solitude right there at Wildwind? For that matter, it was established when Maria first came back to town with amnesia that Wildwind is up on a hill, visible from the park. He should appreciate the fact that he's at least on a MINI-mountain. Maybe what appears to be a public park IS Wildwind and everyone else keeps trespassing on it. Lord knows no one in town has any sense of personal or property boundaries. Caleb should go after them on a power-mower.

Liza: "What woman can resist flowers?" ME. I was bombarded with flowers by an abusive boyfriend back in 1985. To me it screams insincere and manipulative. I was as much of a prop as the roses were in the constant drama he staged. The roses meant nothing, and neither did I, and he ruined getting flowers from guys for me. So many guys think flowers fix EVERYTHING, no matter how heinously they've behaved. How stupid do they think we ARE?

I had a very loving boyfriend in the 1970s who would occasionally give me flowers. Every now and then, out of the blue, I would find one or two roses or daisies or some other pretty flower on my doorstep when I opened my door in the morning. THAT was loving and spontaneous and sweet. It wasn't on a schedule and there were no ulterior motives. He did not do it as a prop to make himself look romantic. He WAS romantic.

Robin "spontaneous" Coutellier

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