Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BC - Fri, 7/23/10

I admire the ability of the actors to stroll through the park and not frantically try to shoo away the multitude of bugs that seem to be flying around. I hope none of them inhaled any.

Don't board members on both sides (Cortlandt and Chandler) have some say in a purchase/takeover? Aren't there regulations and forms to be filled out and official approvals to be made? Does JAR's flunky have a receipt written on a napkin?

Line Of The Day (LOD):
Bianca tells Caleb that her mother and Jack are on the "windy Riviera". CaLeb: "Poor Uncle Jack's hair."

Bianca says she can't wait until the kids see Wildwind (she's planning to rent it from Caleb). Caleb tells her to just wait until he clears out and Bianca gets snippy about him not liking kids. Hello? WTH would she move in before HE moves out?

Jake was a little handsy with the nurse when he told her to take Ryan to Radiology. He ended up saying "Let's GO" and familiarly put his hand on her back in a combination of encouragement and urging her to skedaddle like a good little girl. It was very unprofessional and I did NOT like it.

Angie should have stepped down way BEFORE this. She tells Jake it's time to do it now and he tries to convince her not to do that. WTF? She keeps going BLIND and won't let anyone else know about it. She should NOT be treating patients and she should NOT even BE at the hospital if she can't own up to that and caves when she's pressured to treat patients.

Bianca tells Miranda (over the phone) that she and her little sister are going to have SO much fun there! Checking out the stables (where people keep having sex and frightening the horses and where a paralyzed Edmund burned to death), wandering through the garden, playing hide and go seek til they drop ... I continued the verbal tour for her: Seeing where the turret burned down after/as Gillian was shot in the head, rendering her braindead, the mausoleum where Marian was held captive in a crypt and multitudes of people hid out and/or were imprisoned, the well where JaNut-From-Another-Planet tossed her sister so that she could impersonate her and marry Trevor Dillon, resulting in the conception of Amanda, the mine shaft where Laurel and Jack dumped Denny's dead, rug-encased body, the Hunting Lodge where Erica stabbed Dimitri with a letter opener and where, further back in time, Alf Gresham regularly beat the shit out of the little boy, Edmund. Oh, and there's the chapel where SOOO many temporary marriages and interrupted funerals took place. On the plus side, Wildwind was where Timmy first encountered Harold, the Wonder Dog.

Robin "Ahhh, GOOD TIMES!" Coutellier

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