Wednesday, October 21, 2009

BC - Tue, 10/20/09

Ryan tells Annie that as soon as he gets Emma home to the penthouse where she feels SAFE, she'll tell him everything. SAFE? How can Emma POSSIBLY feel SAFE at the penthouse where so much trouble happens? Every Mommy-figure she has ever had has gone through that place like it has a revolving door. She's in the hospital NOW because she fell down the stairs there. Women, including her Mommy, keep climbing the fire escape and getting in, so it obviously isn't very secure. Daddy is constantly yelling at everyone who walks in the door (or climbs up the fire escape). Her kitten appears to have disappeared -- did they ever let her even take it out of the box? And she keeps slipping on that perpetually wet spot in front of the fireplace ;-)

Given his hangover, do you think Scott regretted slamming the door when he stormed out of JAR's room?

Well, Jake isn't limping or hunched over, so I guess Amanda's shoes didn't poke any holes in him. Was Amanda on today? It would be kind of funny to see her show up on crutches after not quite sticking the landing with those high heels. Or wearing another eyepatch because the riding crop went askew.

How did Kendall manage to carry groceries a mile home (let alone even get the groceries BAGGED) without getting even the tiniest of crinkles in her grocery bags? Did anyone else catch what might have been an in-joke when Kendall commented (re her shopping expedition) that she was in and out and "no one even looked at me sideways"? BWAHAHAAAAAA! Considering people often say that she would disappear if she turned sideways, that's kind of cute!

Robin "although she would show up a LITTLE now, given her real-life baby bump" Coutellier

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