Monday, October 19, 2009

BC - Thu, 10/15/09

A package is delivered to the main house and Scott signs for it. A) the deliveryman doesn't even say whom the package is for, and b) why was it delivered to the main house? Doesn't Adam still have that "crack security team" in place? Even during NON-threatening times he should have guards at the gates that, at a minimum, sign for packages so that the people at the house don't have to deal with mundane things like that.

Aren't rookies usually teamed up with more seasoned officers? Not Natalia. Oh well, I buy her not having a partner WAY better than her, as a cadet, notifying someone (in the middle of a casino, no less) that her husband is dead or her being involved in securing murder scenes.

Kendall chants the Slater mantra to Zach: "Always only you" The part they cut out: "... except when it's somebody else."

I think Aidan's a little rusty. He points his gun at Jesse and the two other uniformed guards/officers and says (regarding Kendall, whom he has in a (fake) chokehold): "Come any closer and she's DEAD!" Uh, shouldn't he be pointing the gun at HER head? How is he supposed to kill her when the gun isn't even pointed at her?

Even if it is proven that someone else killed Stuart, won't Kendall still have to do time for escaping from custody (more than once)? She and her various friends and cohorts escape from justice on a pretty regular basis. And Aidan seems to be involved almost every time.

Robin "Why hasn't he ever done prison time for that?" Coutellier

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