Monday, October 26, 2009

BC - Wed & Thu, 10/21 & 10/22/09

Angie tells Natalia that she's going to go to church to beg God for forgiveness for wishing Madison dead (more than twice). Now Madison IS dead. I can just hear God now: "Oh, NOW you tell me!"

Why are the incriminating DVDs that Madison had just casually occupying a chair at Frankie and Randi's apt? Considering that little ceremony Angie made them perform about forgetting about it from this moment onward, you'd think they would have included DESTROYING THE EVIDENCE in the process. Not that Madison's father couldn't have EASILY made copies of them.

Speaking of destroying evidence, don't even get me STARTED on how RIDICULOUS Frankie's method of finally destroying them was! Too late, I'm started! If you have a decent paper shredder, you can shred a CD or DVD (good ones have slots for just that). You can also take pointy instruments such as scissors or screwdrivers and gouge the hell out of it. Or, as Taylor said in R.A.T.S.A, just break it. They really aren't that strong. I sometimes used to get broken DVDs from Blockbuster and/or Netflix just from them being crammed into mailboxes or possibly stuck in machines at the post office. Cassette tapes are even easier to destroy. Pull the tape out and cut it up with scissors. Sticking tapes and CDs/DVDs in a wastebasket and setting them on fire (with the help of lighter fluid) is beyond S-T-U-P-I-D and quite dangerous on several levels. BTW, don't Frankie and Randi have a smoke alarm?

Robin "FINALLY Emma remembers seeing Adam shoot the gun" Coutellier

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Clay said...

I usually destroy my CDs/DVDs in my crosscut paper shredder, vs breaking it by hand. I find breaking it by hand makes all the little pieces fly everywhere which makes it a nuance.