Monday, October 5, 2009

BC - Fri, 10/2/09

Angie says she wants a full tox screen done on Madison, including alcohol, aspirin and acetamonophen (e.g., Tylonel). I'm wondering why she stressed those things instead of, say, heroin, cocaine, or Rohypnol. The paramedic said it looked like an overdose. He didn't say an overdose of WHAT or even what the symptoms were.

Did you notice that Madison's canula came out of one of her nostrils so that it was drooping under her right nostril? It made it look like she had a big snot blob loosely attached to it

For someone who (presumably) just had her stomach pumped, Madison's makeup is FLAWLESS! Yeah, she looked a little more wan than usual and there are dark circles under her eyes, but I've never seen such perfectly applied foundation and lipstick outside an airbrushed magazine ad. Thank God the most recent lipgloss fad is over (for the moment); otherwise it would REALLY look like a snotty mess under her nose.

Robin "not quite flawless" Coutellier

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