Monday, October 12, 2009

BC - Mon, 10/12/09

Here's a partial address of the penthouse:

x50 Oakview Lane

I couldn't hear what the first digit (or possibly first 2 digits) were and it wasn't shown in closed-captioning.

Kendall promises Zach that she will always think before she acts. I'm sure a collective "HA!" went up among the people watching it. There was a dramatic pause and, seeing the look on Zach's face, she amended to to promising to TRY to think before she acts and not to act so impulsively. HA!

I DO wish they'd stop referring to Emma as "that little girl" or "that girl". She has a NAME, you know!

Scott guesses that Annie never WAS going to sell Emma out for killing Stuart -- she was just doing that to throw Ryan off. He then asks who killed Stuart if Emma didn't. Annie looks meaningfully at him and suggests they go for a walk because he needs to know the truth. I wouldn't do that if I were him.

I see Scott is still breathing and conscious, so he obviously survived their walk. I'm guessing that Annie told Scott that ADAM killed Stuart, based on the fact that the only thing we heard her say to him was at the end of their conversation when she says: "You understand now, don't you? Why it HAS to be this way?" Scott is certainly acting as if she told him that Adam did it. I guess we'll find out during November sweeps.

Wait a sec -- are they going to do the unthinkable and say that Stuart shot HIMSELF? We heard Adam's voice going over all the reasons he had to die, making us think that, in his addled state, he shot Stuart, thinking he was shooting himself or at least offering himself up to be shot. What if Stuart shot himself as a means of saving his brother? It doesn't seem likely, logistically. It is DEFINITELY out-of-character for Stuart to have done that (taking his own life), but few of the characters are acting in-character anymore anyway -- they do whatever the writers can think of to advance a plot; personality, history and values be damned.

Why would Jake take his surgical gown off in the waiting room? Wouldn't it have Emma's blood all over it? If they were drilling holes in Emma's head to relieve the pressure, then the blood would probably spurt out like the contents of a popped pimple. Yup, a bloody gown is just what terrified parents need to see. Not that it DID have any visible blood on it, but still ...

Robin "does Emma have bald spots now?" Coutellier

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