Wednesday, October 21, 2009

BC - Mon, 10/19/09

Is it just me, or is Scott wearing WAAAAY too much makeup?

Emma's been PRETENDING to be asleep and the doctors and nurses couldn't tell? Oh PUH-LEEZE! I have to say, though, that it's pretty good (albeit inadvertent) timing what with the Balloon Boy hoax in the news. And there's Annie, telling Emma not to ever, ever tell what she saw that night. How long will it be before, like Balloon Boy, Emma is vomiting from the stress of lying and pretending?

Did not notice that, all things considered, Amanda didn't sound THAT upset when she told Jake that she thought she might have killed David?

David tells Jesse that he just saw Kendall and that if he sends some cruisers right away, they might catch them, but they have to hurry. David didn't even say where he WAS.

Scott is drunk and his head is on the bar as he plays with a quarter, trying to spin it or something, but not having much luck. The (sort of) funny part, if you were watching it on ABC, was that they put an obnoxious promo up for "Dancing With The Stars" up at just that moment, with a tiny dancing couple in the middle of the screen. It looked like he was trying to hit THEM with the quarter or possibly figure out why there was a miniature couple dancing on top of the bar. He was confused and asked the bartender if was he tipping the BAR. It was great timing

DAMN! For such an upstanding and by-the-book cop, Jesse sure is corrupt. He's breaking the rules, in a BIG way, right and left! It still doesn't make any sense that he'd put his neck out so far for people he barely even knows.

This casual attitude on everyone's part about David being hit over the head with a shovel and knocked unconscious is downright surreal. The banter and laughing between David and Amanda (who happens to be the one who hit him on the head in the first place) is just plain bizarre!

I'm glad to see that David at least took his shoes off before napping on the nice off-white couch.

When Amanda, brandishing a riding crop, jumped off whatever it was she was prancing on, was I the only one who cringed, thinking of how she was going to land in those VERY high heels? Either a) she was going to break one or both her ankles, or b) she was going to puncture one or more parts of her husband, who was lying there waiting for her.

Robin "either way, a happy ending would seem unlikely" Coutellier

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