Monday, October 19, 2009

BC - Wed, 10/14/09

Does the hospital have more than one chapel? I ask because now there are individual chairs in there now, whereas when Babe died (in JAR's arms), there were benches (all the better to cradle a dying woman). And chapel or not, are lit candles allowed in the hospital?

As mentioned on RATSA by Hallie, on the previous show, Angie said a nurse could have stitched up Kendall. On today's show, repeating the end of the previous day's show, she said an intern could have stitched her up. Continuity, folks!

Didn't Kendall's double have to take Kendall's anti-rejection medications while in prison, considering that Kendall had a heart transplant?

Adam gets a dig in at Ryan by saying that he (Adam) and Annie will have a long and happy marriage, something RYAN never got the hang of. Pot, Kettle! Adam has been married how many times? Let's see, off the top of my head I can think of Althea (off-screen), Brooke, Dixie, Erica, Arlene, Erica, Gloria, Liza. And there are probably one or two I'm forgetting. Ryan: Gillian, Greenlee, Annie.

Robin "am I forgetting any spouses?" Coutellier

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