Monday, October 12, 2009

BC - Fri, 10/9/09

Ryan is playing a board game with Emma and he chuckles and says to her: "Aw, you're KILLIN' me!" Is that REALLY the best choice of words right now, all things considered?

Amanda tells Jake to forget DNA -- HE will always be Trevor's father. Uh, speaking of DNA, why doesn't someone do a DAMN DNA TEST on the baby???

A christening is a religious ceremony -- aren't they supposed to renounce the devil, etc.?

Why didn't they take the time to put Trevor in a dressier outfit than a khaki romper and a sweater? I did enjoy him being alert, vocalizing and generally being active, though.

Speaking of inappropriate appearance at a christening, did you notice that eBabe was wearing black nail polish?

Robin "why are most of my comments in the form of questions?" Coutellier

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