Monday, October 26, 2009

BC - Fri, 10/23/09

Emma just got home from the hospital last night (having had holes drilled into her little head) and she's very upset about her mother's upcoming marriage to the mean old man who lives in the big, spooky house. So why is Ryan out and about so he can make up with Erica? Shouldn't he be home with Emma? Can't he be WITH his little daughter for even a DAY? Even ANNIE is wondering WTF is up that he left Emma to be with Erica, although she seems more concerned that Emma is now alone with her secret than that Emma has some extra holes in her head.

Why does Trevor have to be in a hospital crib for a simple checkup? Whatever happened to the parent holding the baby until the doctor comes in, and then the doctor examining the baby on an exam table?

Does the church where Kendall and Aidan are hiding out have a refrigerator (not to mention electricity)? Kendall bought that soup at a general store at LEAST 24 hours ago, and probably longer than that. Now she's about to feed it to Aidan again. Ewwww! I hope it's VEGETABLE soup.

I still can't believe how callous and unfeeling Kendall and Zach have been about the woman he paid to stay in jail in Kendall's place. Now Kendall is appreciating the fact that she is on the run instead of in jail. I can understand that she doesn't want to be in jail, but you'd think she'd feel at LITTLE bit bad about the fact that the other woman was f**king STABBED! The fact that she and Zach and Aidan all think that escaping, hiding out in a secret room and/or being on the run is the right thing to do is just mind-boggling. Their sense of entitlement knows no bounds.

Will the book Kendall was writing while in the "safe room" be published while she is on the run? Will any of her books be published because she shopped it around, as opposed to behind her back?

Erica tells Annie that the fashion designer who purportedly wants to design a dress for Annie is currently doing a fashion shoot at Lake Coney. Annie (knowing this is a con) says she'll just grab her wedding shoes and go. Just how big IS "Lake Coney" that anyone can just drive to it and instantly find someone else who happens to be there? Maybe Lake Coney is the name of a trendy nightspot or restaurant.

So, did Annie, yet AGAIN, shimmy up the fire escape? In a DRESS and HEELS? Of course she did.

Robin "all things considered, you'd think Ryan would have had it coated in Vaseline by now" Coutellier

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