Monday, October 12, 2009

BC - Wed-Thu, 10/7-8/09

Kendall says that being locked in a room 24/7 is driving her stark raving MAD. Uh, she was stark raving mad WAAAAY before she got locked up (not that she EVER spends 24 hours in that room).

Annie left without seeing whatever it was she demanded that Emma show her (in the guise of getting Emma to leave the room). BAD Annie!

I still think it's hilarious at how Stewie always gets his diaper changed (sometimes along with being fed and burped) in a matter of seconds :-) Do they have some sort of machine in the other room where you drop a baby in one end and a few seconds later he comes out the other end changed, fed and clean in the same amount of time it takes to to walk 3-4 feet to pick him up on the other side of the machine? Does the baby slide out a chute and you catch him, or does he land on some nice, soft pillows in a bin? Or is it like the microwave, and the baby just rotates on a big platter until he's done? Did Jayne Jetson know about this? That Yacht Club sure has a lot of amenities for its guests. I wonder if it provides earplugs free of charge so the other guests don't hear Stewie screaming all night.

For someone so determined not to play by Aidan's rules, Annie folded faster than a house of cards on the shoulder of a freeway.

Why is Jesse putting out an APB on Annie when she's only been missing for a short time? She was late showing up for an appt, but she DID show up, then she took off again. Of course, she SHOULD have shown up on at least one more casino camera on the outside, so that part is cause for concern by some.

Robin "I hate the way they are making Adam so weak" Coutellier

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