Wednesday, October 14, 2009

BC - Tue, 10/13/09

I know babies have fast heartbeats, but do children have heartbeats as fast as they are portraying with Emma? If Emma can actually hear that, it must be driving her crazy. In fact, maybe the fact that she can hear her heartbeat is what's making it go fast in the first place.

It was pretty irresponsible for Erica to bring Ian to the hospital to visit Mommy. Hospitals are full of SICK people, after all. She could be exposing him to Swine Flu for all she knows, and I shuddered when I heard them say that Ian was in the playroom at the hospital. Oh yeah, THAT'S a great place to bring a toddler that likes to put things in his mouth. At the very least, kids are usually carrying all sorts of germs that vulnerable people in the hospital can ill-afford (no pun intended) to come in contact with. I'm thinking Erica was actually using Ian as a prop to get her in to see Kendall just in case. And where is Spike during all this?

I know it's all a ruse on Jesse's part, but it's a pretty LAME ruse. Why would the police chief need to write a report about a stabbing that occurred in the prison? What's he going to do, go to the prison, arrest an inmate and throw her in jail? Wouldn't the incident be handled within the prison?

Speaking of Jesse, I'm thinking he's not getting any lovin' TONIGHT. It's more likely he's sleeping on the balcony.

Obviously, based on the expression on Annie's face when Adam said he knew Emma had killed Stuart, Emma did NOT kill Stuart. They are certainly telegraphing that ADAM is the one who did it. At least that's what they want us to think right NOW.

Erica's upset because "Kendall hardly reacted to Ian". Well that's no surprise -- she's hardly reacted to Ian since before he was born. Okay, I'm being a little harsh, because Kendall DID eventually warm up to him, but it took a f**k of a long time!

Oopsy, looks like Kendall is going to have to go to prison after all. I don't blame the impersonator for not wanting to go back, given that she was just STABBED!

Robin "yet Liza has the nerve to look mildly surprised (since any expression more than 'mild' is apparently too much for her face to handle)" Coutellier

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