Thursday, October 29, 2009

BC - Wed, 10/28/09

Marissa picked up some candy in case they have Trick or Treaters -- at the Yacht Club. If I were staying at an exclusive place like a Yacht Club or some other hotel, I would expect management to keep little (and big) beggers wearing disguises OUT of the establishment.

I don't recall ever seeing that painting of Stuart and Adam as boys. Adam acted like he was hanging it for the first time, so maybe it was found among Stuart's stuff. It would have been nice for them to SAY something about it.

Tires squeal outside the church. Kendall looks alarmed and stares at Aidan, who just stands there. Kendall just sits there and keeps staring at him, waiting for him to remember his line. Aidan, with considerable lag time, looks toward the sound of the tires with vague interest and off-handedly says they need to hide. Only THEN does Kendall get up to do something.

Did Kendall pack a large bag of makeup to take with her, not to mention a mirror, and various other cosmetic-oriented instruments? She's wearing a lovely shade of perfectly applied eyeshadow, along with a full contingent of other makeup. Yeah, she'll blend at the General Store. Haven't they been on the run for at least 2-3 days now? Surely the two of them are starting to exude a scent other than cologne and perfume by now, and you'd think her makeup would, at minimum, look at little stale. And where are they relieving themselves? Does the bathroom in the church still work, or are they just squatting in the corner? Did they bring any TP or are they just using the scraps of paper and dead leaves that are strewn about?

Oh PUH-LEEZE! Two teenage boys think a church is "haunted" and they don't bother to actually check out the sound that's only a few feet away from them? They can't figure out a whooshing sound is coming from LAPTOP speakers a few feet away? How did Aidan queue up the whooshing sound-effect without alerting the boys by tapping on keys or the mouse? At the very least, the eau-de-on-the-lam scent should have clued the boys in. They DEFINITELY fall into the TSTL category. Seriously, how do those boys even manage to gather up the wherewithall to cross the street without getting killed?

This ridiculous storyline with Kendall and Zach chatting via laptops while she's on the lam is making me feel like I want to hurl! After EVERYTHING they've gone through so far (which has been pretty damn ridiculous, too), WHY would they risk it all because they are so much in luuuuuuuuv that all they can think about is spouting poetry and saying sappy things to each other? T-S-T-L. And don't even get me STARTED on Jesse's participation in all this! He's utterly USELESS as a police chief! The ONLY thing he does is break the law over and over and over again for his felonious friends and family. It's an insult to the fans to keep portraying him as a good guy when he digs himself in deeper and deeper every single day!

Is it just me, or does Junior Junior's Halloween costume look not so much like he's sporting a super-hero six-pack as he's sporting a bad boob job?

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