Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BC - Tue, 9/29/09

Oh please -- who has a VCR or DVR nowadays that makes backwards chipmonk noises when rewound during play? Just Jake, apparently.

Why couldn't Amanda walk in from the car on her own? It's not like she was out cold -- otherwise she wouldn't be holding herself in such a stiffly obvious pose, she'd just be limply dangling in David's arms.

The scene changes from Amanda prettily waking up to Kendall furiously pounding on the door to be let out of her cel--er--room. I didn't realize that it was a such a relief not to see Kendall yesterday, in all her shining stupidity, distracted as I was marveling at the stupidity of holding a last-minute marathon in a cramped, tacky office. It may be morning, but Kendall doesn't know if someone else might be out there, so pounding on the door and yelling is foolhardy, at best, although not nearly as stupid as invisibly leaving her child with the neighbors and showing up at a televised marathon to spy on her husband.

David tells Trevor that he (and Amanda) are going to teach Trevor how to be a good man and how to love. Well, AMANDA might do that -- I have a tough time seeing DAVID do that. Meanwhile, Amanda falls for soap trick #5: a despicable man is nice (or worse, tender) to a child/infant in view of a woman and the woman melts, canceling out every heinous thing the man has ever done not only in his life, but TO that specific woman. Amanda's such a SAP! Oh wait, she didn't fall for it. Well, THAT'S refreshing ... OFGS, it looks like she DID fall for it by the time morning rolled around.

Sooo, Aidan DID obtain Ian from the neighbors? A strange foreigner who speaks halting English shows up and says he's there to pick up the rich and famous baby and they, apparently, just hand him over. They also apparently never questioned why the invisible babysitter rushed out and left Ian alone until they could mosey on over to take care of him. Frankly, I would think a call to CPS by the neighbors is warranted.

Angie wonders where she left her purse. Excuse me? A "big" event like that and she just sets her purse down somewhere? This wasn't a BBQ at her friend's house -- it was a televised event with camerapeople, reporters, psychotic and deceitful people like Annie and Madison, deceitful-in-the-extreme, mustache-twirling people like David and Adam and just plain strangers. I hope the only thing she had in her purse was lipstick, because that may be the only thing LEFT in her purse by now.

Krystal is looking very good. She's lost some weight and possibly had some work done. Good for you, Girl -- it's workin' for ya!

Why did Natalia haul a police manual in her purse with her to the marathon? I guess she wanted a little light reading for her break times. Did Angie have a copy of Grey's Anatomy in HER bag? Too late -- it's probably already listed on eBay.

If Kendall gets a new trial (or rather A trial, since she pled guilty without one), how are they planning to swap out her and the impersonator in her jail cell? For that matter, if they CAN'T get Kendall legally freed, how long is her impersonator supposed to sit in the cell pretending to be Kendall?

Ryan tells Erica that he has always thought of the two of them as equal. Really? How about when she was going to be your mother-in-law? What about when she was going to be your stepmother? Never thought of her THAT way? What about Spike? Is he supposed to refer to Erica as Mommy Erica? Not that he knows her as a grandmother, in any case, but this situation is just stomach-turning.

Did Erica and Ryan actually HAVE sex yet. It seemed like they got together to talk about it (after being interrupted), but it's not clear if they took up where they left off or if they just continued rubbing and slobbering all over each other without consummating the act. I suspect they didn't and we'll still see a scene where they at least find a BED to do it in. Grandma might be in great shape for her age, but doing it on tables, desks, floors or rocks could result in broken bones. If they DID have sex, did they use a condom?

If they carry out this ridiculous Ryan/Erica pairing, would they have Erica get pregnant? We all know Susan Lucci is in her 60s, but Erica, having finally given up the ghost on staying 35, will probably only admit to 45 or 50, so it's a possibility. Maybe THAT's how they'll end the show once and for all after it gets canceled, which can't be far behind after AMC moves to CA and the main cast players stay in NY. Erica gets pregnant and she dies in childbirth (if Kendall, Annie or a resurrected Greenlee don't kill her first). Greenlee may show up again and take Ryan back from Erica. Emma and Spike, meanwhile decide to join forces for a family Thanksgiving dinner that NO ONE will ever forget.

What is Natalia's problem with Brot? She had to be taught how to get the upper hand on a suspect by RANDI, so why does she think it will be SOOOO hard for Brot, a war veteran, to pass a test to get into the academy? SHE passed it and she had NO experience in any form of Security work or traning, whatsoever.

Robin "maybe this means Brot will stay with the show after the move (good!)" Coutellier

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