Thursday, September 24, 2009

BC - Tue, 9/22/09

Why are all the men on the show so gaga over Annie's body? I mean, it's nice, but I don't consider it to be traffic-stopping. I consider AMANDA'S body to be traffic-stopping, but not Annie's. Therefore, it falls flat to me when the guys on the show keep making schoolboy comments about what a fantastic body she has. Eh.

For someone who is supposed to be guarding the dancing house arrestee, Natalia isn't paying much attention to her.

Zach tells Aidan to take Kendall home. How is Ian going to end up back home? Did the neighbors take him to their place, or are they staying at Zach and Kendall's place. Either way, I would think they would have to wait for ZACH to come home to retrieve him or send the neighbors packing.

Why does Colby continue to hang out with Petey? She constantly belittles him and reminds him that they are just friends. She's rich and passably pretty, too, so you'd think there would be a few other young men wanting to date her. Maybe none of them want to be seen with someone who insists on trying to look like Shirley Temple.

When Kendall and Aidan are back in the little cell/room, it is explained that Aidan distracted the neighbors so that they could sneak in. So now I'm back to the question of where, exactly, ARE the neighbors? If Aidan distracted them, they must be in the Slater house. If they were in their own home with Ian, why would he need to distract them? So if they are in the Slater house, how is it that they don't hear Aidan opening the door to the secret room (that is so conveniently located on the other side of the fireplace from the living room) or hear Kendall yelling at him for walking out with the TV?

Does Kendall have cable TV and wireless internet in her room? How did Aidan manage to disconnect the TV from the cable and DVD player so quickly, not to mention unplug the TV and wrap the cord around it before Kendall realized what he was doing?

Robin "is Kendall posting on Facebook?" Coutellier

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