Saturday, September 5, 2009

BC - Thu, 9/3/09

Another gun. Yeah, THAT'll solve everything. Sigh ...

Given how often he gets into other people's places, you'd think David would at least think to lock his OWN front door.

After everything they've gone through in the last couple of days, why would Amanda choose to wear such an incredibly low-cut (not to mention skin-tight) top? I mean, what are her thought processes when she gets dressed in the morning? "Mybabymybabymybaby, deodorant, mybaby, panties, mybabymybaby, pants, mybabymybaby, bra, mybaby, which top to wear? A tee-shirt? No, I might have to be in front of a judge. Mybabymybabymybaby! 4" heels, mybaby, perfume, mybaby, this top is good because it doesn't go all the way down to my belly button. I might have to meet with judges or social workers, so I should go conservative. Mybabymybaby, earrings, mybaby, bracelet. Damn, these buttons are HARD to fasten!

Robin "anti-fashionista" Coutellier

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