Thursday, September 10, 2009

BC - Tue, 9/8/09

Why is there an entrance from the pool directly into the living room/parlour? Don't they have a separate entrance for that? My Mom would have had a FIT if we had come dripping into the living room, and she would have sent us right back outside until we dried off. She may or may not have thrown some towels out the door to us.

Why is Scott tickling Annie? Obviously he has NO sense of boundaries. Not that it isn't exactly what Annie wanted, but she IS about to become his step-aunt. Their constant frolicking right under Adam's nose is all QUITE contrived and tiresome.

Based on the applause (or lack thereof), that's a mighty skimpy audience for the live taping of New Beginnings.

Robin "couldn't they muster up some fake applause to supplement the 3-4 people who clapped?" Coutellier

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