Thursday, September 24, 2009

BC - Wed, 9/23/09

Are we really supposed to believe that Erica can win in a physical fight with Annie? Annie, the psychopath who bludgeons and stabs people (including Erica) and previously tried to choke Erica with her bare hands? The Annie that repeatedly escapes from mental institutions? The Annie that is at least 20 lbs heavier and 30 or so years younger than Erica? THAT Annie? Erica grabs her and spins her around and Annie just shuffles and shrieks and gets thrown?

That crying act of Jake's (not to mention hitting on the nanny), is PATHETIC! How stupid IS that nanny not to see through it in a SECOND? She may not know what his motive is, but his intense interest in the baby and his attempts to flatter her and win her sympathy should be ringing alarm bells for even the most dense nanny/babysitter.

Robin "how long is the dance marathon going to go on torturing us?" Coutellier

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