Friday, September 18, 2009

BC - Wed, 9/16/09

Why are so many people bringing BABIES and CHILDREN to a dance marathon?

Why is Jake manning the phones while wearing scrubs?

Why is the other guy with the exceptionally bulging muscles manning the phones instead of out dancing where he can put those muscles to use?

Did Zach leave Ian in the care of just Kendall? What if something happens and she has to take Ian (you know, the baby with the heart problem) to the hospital?

It's bad enough that they let Annie stay out on house arrest, but why on EARTH would she be allowed to go out to a dance marathon, given her FREQUENT escape attempts (and successes)?

I thought it was HILARIOUS when, after Erica snarkily told Annie that she needs a thicker foundation to cover those scales, Annie worriedly looks in the mirror -- LOL!

Robin "the viper and the hisser-- maybe Adam & Annie ARE a good couple" Coutellier

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