Thursday, September 3, 2009

BC - Wed, 9-2-09

How did Kendall manage to broker a telephone operator or recording indicating that the call was coming from the prison? Don't they have to have a special recording informing the callee that the call is from a prison? AND Erica knows the drill, having recently done time herself, and she probably is quite familiar with the voice that normally makes the announcement.

Kendall tells Zach that being locked up in that room it feels like it's a PRISON! Uh, DUH! Considering that SHE was the one who insisted on going to a REAL prison, she's being pretty damned ungrateful. And considering how often she comes out of the room at the drop of a hat, QUITE often while other people are visiting, Zach really SHOULD consider chaining her to something in the room. For that matter, he might as well do a Hannibal Lector and put a muzzle over her mouth. Hmmm, maybe she IS better off in prison.

Wow, Liza actually KNOWS the term "conflict of interest"? THAT'S a shocker.

So much for Erica's determination to stay and keep an eye on Zach. She spies lipstick on a glass, he's evasive and tells her she can leave if she doesn't like and ... she does, telling him that she'll send someone over in the morning for her things. WTF? Why would she give up THAT easily?

Robin "grandma takes a hike in a huff" Coutellier

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