Sunday, September 13, 2009

BC - Thu, 9/10/09

Once again Emma does whatever the hell she wants, leaving the penthouse on her own and riding her bike to Zach's house, and Ryan simply tells her that she scared him and she should not be doing things like that. Now she's upstairs with Spike and Corinna. How about GROUNDING the wayward little brat or, at the very least, giving her a LONG time-out?

Are we supposed to believe that David does NOT have cameras and microphones hidden all over the house or, at the very least, at the door and approach to the castle?

Annie admits to Scott that Ryan has a valid reason to suspect that she kidnapped Emma -- after all, she DID kidnap her once before. Once? I think she's kidnapped her at LEAST 3 times now.

Robin "Annie practically has Emma tethered on a bungee cord" Coutellier

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