Sunday, September 13, 2009

BC - Wed, 9/9/09

Okay, I know it was just the chair scraping, but when Frankie stumbled out of his chair at the casino, the chair sounded like quite a drawn out fart, and given his drunken facial expression, it certainly FIT

Kendall is exasperated because Zach won't forgive her for sleeping with Ryan. She confronts him about it, yet again, and says she can't take it back and they need to move on. Haven't I heard this refrain before? Oh yeah, she had sex with Aidan, too, and not that long ago. How many times is Zach going to have to hear Kendall say, "I'm SORRY, I can't take it back that I had sex with _____ ... and ______ ... and _____ ... But you know it's YOU I really love!"

Doesn't Kendall have to take steroids to prevent rejection of her heart transplant? Why hasn't she blown up like a puffer fish? I'm not sure how far along Alicia Minshew is in her pregnancy, but she is just BARELY showing.

Scott brushes off Annie's depressing admission that she's the cause of Emma's tears and anguish. Scott: "You made mistakes." Uh, yeah, just a FEW.

Okay, now THAT was a good slap that Angie gave Madison. Up close and personal and it was quite believable, unlike most soap slaps.

Robin "why aren't any PV citizens ever slapped with assault charges after slapping someone?" Coutellier

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