Friday, September 18, 2009

BC - Tue, 9/15/09

Let me get this straight -- Erica is going to have a dance marathon so that people will donate $1M to the starving children in Africa, but the dance is going to be held in the OFFICE at FUSION? WTF? Who wants to watch THAT? I'm sure the PV High School auditorium would be available and the Booster Club would be more than willing to throw in some Kleenex flowers as decorations. What about ConFusion? They have a perfectly good bar downstairs for something like that. I'm also annoyed that they keep throwing in cutesy stuff about dancing as in-jokes about Susan Lucci and Cameran Mathison on DWTS. Give it a rest, already!

And if Erica REALLY wanted to raise a lot of money, she could use her celebrity to get CELEBRITY dancers, or at least INTERESTING ones. She could also have a big, crowded room so that there are more dancers. Why did it have to be thrown together in the space of a day? Not only does no one have enough time to prepare, but there's not NEARLY enough time to advertise for it in order to get sponsors.

Why can't Kendall eavesdrop via the baby monitor? She keeps coming out of her room to do that when it isn't really necessary (although she can SEE by sneaking out).

Robin "time for Zach to build a different "safe" room -- with a MOAT around it" Coutellier

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